Xtreme advocate

Xtreme Advocate is a desktop application which keeps track of all the legal cases, client details,Witness details, opponent details, court details, set reminder for various hearing dates. User can View and print various reports as per his requirement. A ¬firm can manage its employees and keep Track of their performances with this powerful tool. User can upload various case and client related documents against a particular date and client. A complete legal case management software solution that is powerful, flexible and scalable forms of all sizes.


Highlight Features :product

  • Client details entry
  • Opponent details
  • Court details
  • Employee Management
  • Billing and payment
  • Witness details
  • Authentication and security
  • Access level
  • Auto-generated mails
  • SMS integration
  • Various reports can be generated and printed such as
  • Employee Wise Work To Do
  • Client Wise report
  • Date wise report
  • Work status report
  • Case wise report
  • All earning & deduction schedule
  • Abstract Report Account headwise
  • Income Tax Report

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